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Dear Visitors,


Aslam-o-Alakum, and Well come to the home page of Mian family.

The basic idea to develop such website was to update the family tree and make it easily available for every family member. The family tree was last up-dated by Mian Muhammad Sadiq s/o Haji Mian Taj Din, perhaps some time in 1950s, which was based on previous updates of 1655, 1758 and 1858AD. This needs to be updated and I have taken up this task in my hands voluntarily. This whole work is being re-produced and updated on computer for future references. This web-site contains links like:

  1. Historical Back Ground (contains historic background as mentioned in different books)
  2. Family Introduction (contains general introduction about the origin of family)
  3. Up-Dated Family Tree
  4. Family Directory / Legends (contains general data & contact list of family)
  5. Bibliography (Book References) (List of books contains information about mian family)
  6. Role of Family in Independence Struggle
  7. Family Notice Board.

Obviously this is a great task and needs attention of every family member. Please go through this and help me in up-dation of the family tree. For web site a `Bio-Data` or C.V. of every one among present Members of the family and old (Late) members are, also, required. But authentication of particulars contained in such CVs must have documented proof. In case of old (Late) members, authenticated record of their achievements is anxiously awaited. If you have any document in this regard, please send it to me. If some one hesitates in sending original documents a photo copy of the same, bearing his signatures, should be sent. I wish to collect all such record which may be in the shape of personal letters, books, loose papers, generals, magazines, farmans, maps, photo etc throwing light on family as a whole or on an individual family memberís achievements. This will be preserved permanently for future reference. Any historical book that you know related to our family, can also be mentioned.

In this regard, I welcome your co-operation and suggestions.

Thanking you.


Yours truly,

Hassan F. Mian


Dated: 29th December, 1998.