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Shalimar Garden:

One of the ancestors of family was Muhammad Ishaq , the founder of the village Ishakpur , the site of Shalimar gardens (Lahore) now a days. Mian Muhammad yusuf, fourth linear descedant of Muhammad Ishaq, gave the site of village of his ancestors to Shah Jahan free of cost, in conformity with the wish of the royal engineers , whose choice for the site of garden had fallen upon that flourishing village. In lieu of the village, Emperor not only granted the site of Baghbanpura, the head-quarters of the family, but also the Shalimar gardens itself. Since then the maintenance of the Shalimar gardens was the responsibility of Head of the family called as Nazim. The gardens remained under this rising family for more than 350 years. In 1962 the Shalimar gardens were nationalised by the Ayub Khan's Marshal law Government , as the top family members ( Mian Iftikhar-ud-Din founder of PAKISITAN TIMES ) opposed the Govt. for Marshal Law at that time.


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