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Personal Profile:

Name : Justice Mian Muhammad Shah Din (Humayun)

S/O :

Date of Birth : 2nd April ,1868

Date of Death : 2nd July ,1918

Took a prominent part in Syed Ahmad Khan's educational movement, and in early 1906, when Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulik organised an ALL INDIA MUHAMMADAN DEPUTATON to represent and advocate the claims of the muslim community, he was one of its prominent member. On 30th Nov. 1907, The Punjab branch of the ALL INDIA MUSLIM LEAGUE had been organised and Mian Shah Din was elected as its first President. In Oct. 1908, he was appointed as a (first muslim) Judge of the Punjab Chief Court. In 1922, he launched monthly magazine "Humayun". Allama Iqbal's poem 'Humayun' is also about that magazine.