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Mian Family of Lahore has played prominent role in sub-continent history. These contributions are spread across generations, since Muhammad bin Qasim invaded Sub-continent to creation of Pakistan, or even later. In 1630's great Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan awarded this family a Royal Title of "Mian".

In 1640 Emperor granted family custodianship of Royal Shalimar Gardens in Lahore. Head of family appointed as 'Nazim of Shalimar' (1640-1964). Family was also recognized and ranked as 'Zaildar' during British Raj in India.

Many individuals from this family also rewarded with official titles of 'Nazim', 'Nawab', 'Khan Sahib', 'Khan Bahadur' and 'Sir' in recognition of their efforts.

'Mian' is still consider as name of nobality in India and Pakistan like 'Sir' in Western world. Today, many people themselves started using 'Mian' prefix with there names in India and Pakistan for same resons.

Purpose of this website is to archive history of origional Mian Family for students and researchers.

Some Prominent Family Legends

Muhammad Hayaat Madni (Cdr. in Mohd. bin Qasim's army - 712 AC)
Mian Muhammad Ishaq (Founder of Ishaq Pura)
Mian Muhammad Yusaf (hounered with Royal title of "MIAN" from Empiror Shah Jehan)
Nawab Muhammad Fazil (hounered with title of "NAWAB" from Emperor Aurangzeb for his services in Daccan)
Mian Rahim-ullah (Intelect, hounered with title of "Nawab Dana Beg Khan of Punjab")
Mian Qadir Bukhsh (Artillery Cheif, Poet, also known for his text books on 'Science of Gunnery' taught for century worldwide)
Mian Karim Bukhsh
Sir Mian Muhammad Shafi (Member Viceroy's Executive Council, Indian Muslim Leader, founding member of All India Muslim League)
Amir-un-Nisa (Formed Anjuman of Women in 1905 & Anjuman-i-Khawatin-i-Islam, in 1908)
Justice Mian Shah Din (First Muslim Judge in British India, Indian Muslim Leader, President Muslim League, Poet)
Mian Abdul Hameed Khan Sahib (Trade Adviser to Raja of Kashmir; ranked as Aqasqaal)
Mian Bashir Ahmad (First Ambassador to Turkey, Poet, Writer, Muslim Leader)
Justice Mian Abdur Rasheed (First Chief Justice of Pakistan)
Mian Iftikhar-ud-Din (Owned, Pakistan Times & Daily Imroz, State Minister in 1947)
Begum Shah Nawaz (Organiser of Women Muslim League, first woman to preside over legislative assembly)
Mumtaz Shah Nawaz (Representative of Pakistan in UN, first woman to represent any country in UN)
Justice Mian Muhammad Aslam

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