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Following passage is from biography " Mian Shah Din " by Bashir Ahmad, published in 1962.

" Mian Muhammad Yusuf, commonly known as Mehr Mahenga, the ancestor of the Mian Family, who was appointed as the first custodian of the Royal Gardens, was granted the site of the present village of Baghbanpura which he founded perhaps about a couple of years before Shah Jahan visited the Gardens for first time on 31st October, 1642. Mehr Mahenga died about the year 1669, and was buried in, what later on became, the graveyard of the "Mian Family", where his grave can still be seen. Sixth in descent from Mian Muhammad Yusuf was Mian Qadir Bahsh (the grand father of Mian Shah Din), who, as related by the Lahore historian, won a distinction for himself in the time of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, not only as a profound Arabic and Persian scholar, a physician and a poet but also as an expert in the art of gunnery.* "

*See Eminent Musalmans, pages 372-73, published by The Indian Review, Madras in 1925.