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1 Family Legends:
Muhammad Hayaat Madni (Cdr. in Mohd. bin Qasim's army)
Mian Muhammad Ishaq ( Founder of Ishaq Pura )
Mian Muhammad Yusaf (Obtained Royal title of "MIAN" from Empiror Shah Jehan)
Nawab Muhammad Fazil (Obtained title of "NAWAB" from Emperor Aurangzeb for his services in Daccan)
Mian Rahim-ullah
Mian Qadir Bukhsh
Mian Karim Bukhsh
Sir Mian Muhammad Shafi ( Member Viceroy's Executive Council )
Amir-un-Nisa >> ( Lady Muhammad Shafi )
Justice Mian Shah Din ( First muslim Judge in India )
Mian Bashir Ahmad (First Ambassador to Turkey)
Geety Ara >> ( Begum Bashir Ahmad )
Justice Sir Mian Abdur Rasheed (First Chief Justice of Pakistan)
Mian Iftikhar-ud-Din ( Owner, Pakistan Times & Daily Imroz, Minister in charge for Rehabilitation of Refugees - 1947 ) more...
Begum Shah Nawaz >> ( Organiser of Women Muslim League )
Justice Mian Muhammad Aslam
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